SOGEINVERCA Group is a company with 15 years of experience in real estate, characterizing the speed when making decisions and being formed by young and dynamic staff with extensive experience in the construction industry.

We developed and delivered more than 600 homes between all our societies, with a floor area already executed exceeding 48,000 m2.

Currently we are developing in Brazil (Joao Pessoa) the following promotions:
70 homes in Santa Rita (Residential Tibiri Green)
85 homes in Barrio do Cristo (Christ Residential Scenarium)
45 homes for Valentina (Residential Green).

In mid 2015, we will begin our first big venture in the state of Rio de Janeiro (Angra dos Reis), 564 apartments, taking another portfolio of 120 units in Mambucaba-Angra dos Reis.

We also offer and manage a large bag of soil in all our geographic areas (Coruña-Canarias-Brasil), which we will develop in the coming years.

We are currently managing new operations in the Spanish market, taking advantage of the low price of many buildings already constructed, some already completed and others yet to be concluded, having an activity again this year, since it has been hit by the market crisis Spanish property in recent times.

We care every step of the process of building sector, starting with the recruitment of the best locations for our promotions and ending with a very personalized customer care.

This commitment to quality and sustainability results in designs with better guidance, soleamientos and integrations with the environments, making the homes of SOGEINVERCA Group places to live comfortable and innovative.

Our main goal is to satisfy all our customers and a distinct finishes other companies, without forgetting respect for the environment, so that present needs without compromising the future.

SOGEINVERCA Group is dedicated to both residential construction height (buildings, condominiums, etc.) and the building at low density (developments of villas and townhouses).

Our permanent delegations are: Three offices in Spain (La Coruña, Island of La Palma and Fuerteventura) and Brazil (Joao Pessoa).

Our priority is to consolidate the company, so always we reinvest 100% of our profits for the sole purpose of continuing to grow in a sustained and diversified manner.